Alaska Startup Week

July 23–31, 2016

About Startup Week

We’re thrilled that you’re interested in the 2016 Alaska Startup Week!
In the past, this event has been promoted as the Alaska Entrepreneurship Week.  The Alaska Startup Week is 10 days of events and celebration of our Alaskan communities – that builds momentum and opportunity around innovation and entrepreneurship.

Startup Week is a cornerstone statewide event in “Innovate Alaska (2.0)” [💡], a statewide effort to strengthen and diversify AK’s economic base through improved access to effective resources and mentors to: Grow entrepreneur ecosystems; engage export and import substitution businesses to innovate, and engage the next generation through K-12 outreach.

The purpose of Startup Week is to HAVE FUN (!!), and connect, and 👏[celebrate] in the process.  We do this by reaching out and connecting with individual entrepreneurs, wanna-preneurs, intrepreneurs, creatives, technicals, inventors, businesses, and administrators, and investors, of all ages, welcoming them into the startup community, and doing FUN STUFF!!

We’re led by local entrepreneurs and startup activists and hosted in amazing spaces all over town.  And we want you involved!  Take a second to sign up for our list to keep up with all the updates we’ll have for you over the next few months.

For more information on the Alaskan Startup Community, sign up for the weekly curated email, Alaska Startup Digest with news and events from around the state; or visit the Innovate Alaska (2.0) web site at, where you can join us in this effort from your locale.

Interested in submitting an event for next year’s Alaska Startup Week?  We invite you to fill out our panel picker form starting April, 2017.  Submitted events will be reviewed by the organizing team beginning in May, 2017.

Ky, Juliet & The Alaska Startup Week Team


Alaska Startup Week 2016 is made possible by passionate and dedicated members of Alaska’s economic development organizations, individuals, and other sponsoring organizations.  We connect with people, and share information, and pull together to diversify Alaska’s economic base – and “Build the Alaska we want!”

Events Schedule

If you are interested in sponsoring Alaska Startup Week we would love to hear from you! Email us here »